Each workshop offers a unique exploration of specific facets of Yogic practices, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning, these immersive experiences promise to elevate your understanding, skills, and connection to the vast world of Yoga.  


Yoga Workshops

Alignment Workshops 

Fine-tune your practice with our Alignment Workshops. Dive deep into the foundational principles of asana alignment, ensuring safety, stability, and the maximum benefit from each posture. 

Hands-On Adjustment Workshops

Learn the art and science of tactile cues. Our Hands-On Adjustment Workshops will equip you with techniques to guide students into optimal alignment, deepening their practice and ensuring safety. 

Yoga for Surfers  

Enhance your surfing with targeted yoga sequences. This workshop focuses on postures that build strength, flexibility, and balance, essential for every surfer’s performance and recovery. 

Arm Balance and Inversions 

Take your practice off the ground. From foundational techniques to advanced variations, our workshop covers the mechanics of arm balances and inversions, promoting stability and confidence. 

Backbend Workshops

Delve into the anatomy and biomechanics of backbends. Understand the importance of spinal health, core engagement, and flexibility as you safely explore deeper backbends in your practice. 

Hip Opening Workshops

Unlock the potential in your hips. This workshop will provide you with sequences and postures focused on increasing hip mobility and flexibility, vital for a range of advanced asanas. 

Pranayama and Kundalini Workshops 

Deepen your connection to breath and energy. Our workshops provide structured techniques to harness the power of pranayama and activate the kundalini energy, fostering enhanced awareness and meditation.

Chakra Balancing Workshops

Align your energy centers with targeted yoga practices. Through asana, meditation, and visualization, this workshop will guide you in balancing and understanding the role of each chakra in holistic well-being. 


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