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At MYT Yoga School, we aim to guide individuals through a holistic journey of self-discovery and healing. Our belief is rooted in understanding the multifaceted nature of human consciousness, encompassing the body, breath, mind, feelings, emotions, relationships, and sexuality. 

For the foundational aspects like body, breath, and mind, our vision transcends merely teaching postures. We integrate time-tested practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, proper nutrition, fasting, and holistic healing methods. Dive deeper, and you’ll find we employ Tantric techniques to address emotions, relationships, and sexuality. To foster a harmonious connection with others and the divine, we embrace the power of devotional chanting and Bhakti Yoga. 

We recognize that modern yoga, in its mainstream form, just skims the surface and can actually be quite damaging. In contrast, our traditional Yoga school offers a rich tapestry of tools for comprehensive transformation, with the right guidance. This philosophy is encapsulated in our name: MYT, representing Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra. These, combined with Ayurveda, serve as our guiding principles, ensuring wellness permeates every aspect of our being.

What Does MYT Stand For?

MYT stands for the three pivotal tools of Yoga: Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra. Together, these three elements form the core philosophy of MYT, emphasizing a holistic and comprehensive approach to yoga and meditation.


Mantra involves reciting specific words to quiet the conscious mind. By focusing on these repeated phrases, one can curb the incessant chatter of the mind, leaving only the calming resonance of the mantra’s words.


Yantra represents charged symbols given by a master for meditation. These go beyond language, and serve as anchors for your subconscious, ensuring you remain centered and undeterred by whatever life throws at you.


Tantra is the art of emotional management, rooted in the Heart center. It teaches various techniques to balance reactions and relationships. Recognizing them as mirrors, Tantra is fostering love, devotion, and awareness in interactions.

Going Back to the Source

In ancient times, Yoga and Tantra seamlessly coexisted, forming an integral part of mystical teachings alongside Ayurveda, all practiced within the confines of ashrams. Yoga was the foundation, cultivating physical strength, vibrant prana energy, and mental clarity, while Tantra delved deeper into the realms of emotions, healing from traumas, interpersonal connections, self-discovery, and sexuality, together forming a cohesive journey. These intertwined practices were inseparable facets, where engaging in one naturally led to an encounter with the other.

Yet, in modern times, the division caused by historical invasions led to the separation of these interconnected twins. Presently, individuals tend to focus solely on either Yoga, Tantra, or Ayurveda. At MYT Yoga Ashram, our mission is to reunite these practices, restoring their inherent unity and former magnificence. This holistic revival aims to guide human consciousness toward a comprehensive path to achieve Samadhi, the state of Enlightenment.  

What We Offer, Teach and Represent

At MYT Yoga School, we proudly offer an expansive range of programs tailored to every seeker’s journey. From intensive teacher trainings spanning various levels, styles, and durations, to immersive retreats ranging from a single day to a week, we have something for everyone. Our offerings extend to one-day workshops, soulful Satsangs accompanied by uplifting Kirtan, and an open invitation for any individual to experience the serenity of our Ashram with locations sprinkled across India and the enchanting landscapes of Bali.

Our distinctiveness lies in our roots: our instructors have imbibed wisdom directly from the source, ensuring our teachings are profoundly deep, and move beyond superficial layers. In an era where yoga’s essence often gets diluted by modern misrepresentations, we’re fiercely committed to preserving and promoting its authentic spirit. Our vision transcends just teaching, we’re on a fervent mission to revive yoga’s true essence, uphold the teachings of genuine masters, and guide souls to the blissful state of Samadhi. 



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