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Learn Common Mistakes, Proper Variations from Yoga Alliance® Certified Teachers.

Our Yoga teachers hold years of experience in teaching and leading yoga teacher training and have a strong connection in studying Yoga. The trainers have a thorough understanding of the subjects that they are teaching. 

Jogini Lila
Founder and Senior Yoga Teacher

Lila was born and raised in an Buddist family in Japan. When she started going to yoga classes in Japan she had a great wish to come to India to learn the authentic, traditional wisdom of Yoga and Meditation.

She traveled across India and finally ended up in Pune in 2012 where she found two great spiritual masters; Osho and BKS Iyengar. She studied Yoga directly from Iyengar Guruji for almost 2 years. With her passion to learn, she mastered the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Series with Iyengar’s principles on alignment and yoga props under the guidance of her yoga guru. 

Lila is one of the best Ashtanga Yoga teachers in the world. She grew a very profound and insightful knowledge of Yoga by her self practice,discipline and determination. She is the master of our teaching methodology classes. She is the lead trainer in our Yoga Teacher Trainings. With her years of experience, she takes good care of the students so that they don’t injure themselves and takes a step by step journey with them. Her humble and caring nature with deep wisdom inspires all her yoga students. 

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Sasa Siddho
Founder and Yoga, Anatomy Teacher

Sasa grew up in an Indian Hindu family where many tools from Yogic tradition were part of their daily living.They practiced Mantra Yoga with their morning chanting, Bhakti Yoga with devotion towards the divine forces of nature and did many day to day rituals which were part of the Sanatan Dharma practices. 

She was very drawn to Yoga from an early age, but her formal Yoga education started at Iyengar Institute, Pune, India.

Apart from Iyengar yoga she also got training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and Tantra Yoga. She brings a feminine approach to the study by chanting, gentle instructions, meditations which focuses on awakening the heart center etc. While studying Yoga she got to know her deep hidden talent in teaching Anatomy and Physiology. Her classes are fun, interactive, deep yet simple to understand, she uses day to day examples so that students can relate and go deeper into the study of the human body. She is one of the lead trainers in our course. 

From a very early age she had a dream to open an ashram, a sangha where conscious individuals could gather, live together like a spiritual family. MYT Yoga School, Ashram is her dream child. 

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Ma Sakshi
Senior Yoga Teacher

Sakshi’s  yoga journey started at an early age of her life by practicing Mantras, Surya Namaskaras, Pranayama techniques like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika. She took up yoga as a profession when she realized she has the potential and passion for inspiring people to correct their lifestyle through Yoga.In Spite of living in a busy city of Mumbai Sakshi has been a consistent yoga practitioner and dedicated student.

This yogini has inculcated a yoga philosophy in her daily life. She believes that living and celebrating each and every moment in the present is Yoga. According to her, the comparison between how one is today from yesterday is the most important thing to progress in life rather than comparing ourselves with others. 

She is successfully conducting and leading  Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Yoga Workshops, Yoga retreats and Regular Yoga Batches in Mumbai & Goa. Students getting trained under her guidance have achieved a benchmark in their career as Yoga professionals. Her training has inspired many people to live their dreams on the path of yoga. 

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Yoga Teacher

Srishti was born in a traditional pandit family with high aptitude in Raipur, India. As a person who was always inclined towards Spirituality and Yoga which majorly derived by admiring the practise which my mother did and taught, she decided to choose the same path.

She got her first certification as a Yoga instructor from a reputed institute in Bangalore after working for almost 4 years in the corporate sector. That was the beginning of a tremendous passion towards Yogic practice, Meditation and Spirituality.

As she studied more, she went on and grew fond of yoga philosophy and it grew in her. It never really felt like a subject but more of a personality which her soul knew it needed and hence I decided to enhance it. Apart from teaching Yoga Philosophy at MYT Yoga School, she is an artist, singer, writer and makes the space beautiful with her aesthetic sense.   

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Tejal Gupte

Tejal Gupte
Yoga teacher

Tejal was born and brought up in the busy city of Mumbai. She grew up watching and hearing the stories of Krishna & Arjuna since her parents were Krishna devotees. So chanting mantras and sanskrit shlokas was an essential part of her childhood. As she grew up reading Bhagavad Gita, which itself is the biggest Philosophy of life, made her curious to know what lies on the spiritual path.

Having interest in fitness it led her further to explore the core aspects of yoga practices like Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra etc. She had worked in the corporate sector for almost 10 years of her life.

When she did YTTC it changed her overall perspective towards current living and the spiritual path. She realized that living a professional life one can still adapt the yogic practices and live a balanced life through day to day sadhana.

She is an expert at taking corporate yoga sessions as well as one on one personal yoga sessions. Currently, she is one of the assistant teachers at MYT Yoga School. She teaches subjects like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc. 

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Shailesh Dwivedi
Yoga, Meditation Teacher, Manager

Shailesh hails from the holy city of Varanasi. He comes from the Brahmin family where his grandfather was a pandit. After completing his computer engineering and working in corporate for 4 years, he started practicing yoga and meditation to keep up with the hectic work life. Within a year, his practice became his passion and eventually a desire and clarity arose to build his further life fully around spirituality.

He moved to different ashrams such as Shri Ramana Maharshi’s ashram, where devoted himself fully to his practice of yoga and meditation. Later, he traveled to the Himalayas to begin his journey of Vipassana meditation.The practice of Vipassana meditation is his core practice and has been continuously doing for the last 5 years. He has done around 15 courses, seva and managing work at various Vipassana centers across India.  

Soon he realized that a yogic body is highly needed to provide a stable platform for deeper meditation. This brought to him an incredible opportunity to work with MYT Yoga as a Yoga and Meditation teacher for the drop in students. He actively participates in management of the school campus, cafe and the courses. Currently, he is pursuing his MA in Yoga along with his work at MYT. 

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Anand Shekar
Senior Yoga Teacher

Anand is one of the authentic and inspiring Yoga teachers in our school. He is currently designated as physical cultural trainer at GFX Fitness Studio in Dubai. Anand is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. He is also a Meditation facilitator and an impactful mentor in the field of Spirituality.
He took his teacher training course under the guidance of Risi SriVaso many years ago and since then he has been a beloved disciple.

Anand is driven with the soul-intention of bringing the shift in human-consciousness. He feels that the time has come when the awakening of the man is more important than advancement of

Technology. His passion for Yoga and his authentic journey has brought him to very high levels of yoga sadhana. 

Anand has been a student of Yoga and Spirituality since he is aware of his presence. He has been teaching Yoga and Holistic Lifestyle for 8 years. He has helped people in many cities in India like; Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Patna, Dharamshala and for last four years he is helping

people in Dubai. He is one of the senior guest teachers at our school. Every student who learns through him feels deeply fulfilled and blessed.  

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Rohan Bhosale
Yoga Teacher

Rohan belongs to a traditional family in India. He started his fitness Journey at the age of 18. He is deeply passionate about fitness with more than eight years’ experience in the fitness industry and over four years teaching.


Although he has been practicing yoga since his childhood because of his spiritual family background he always practiced yoga in bits and pieces. Later, he found out about our school branch in Mumbai,India which was offering Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and that set a calling for him to start his Yoga journey. After completing his Yoga Teacher Training Course his perspective towards yoga completely changed.


He has moved his passion from mere physical fitness to a more deeper transformation of the body, mind and soul. His passion for Yoga has now helped him to evolve as a Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. He now helps people with his fitness background of Body weight training, Calisthenics and Advanced Yoga Asanas so that people have optimal health in their body inorder to go deeper into the spiritual practices of Yoga and Mediation. He provides authentic guidance to his students based on his life experiences while motivating them to find complete satisfaction. Rohan leads Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes and organizes interesting workshops in our school.

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Rasesha Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Rasesha got certified as INTERNATIONAL YOGA TEACHER 500 HRS RYT by Yoga Alliance USA & UK from MYT YOGA Goa.

With a vision of training and healing people BY DEC 2016 she launched a branch of MYT YOGA in Ahmedabad.

Rasesha Rabari been touching lives since more than 5 yrs, with her mission of spreading legacy of revolutionary insanity, building a community of humanity caring smile of courage & victory over victimization.

Rasesha strongly believes that everything has its roots from within, in the thirst of finding answers from external sources, we miss out on exploring and cherishing what is within us. Her work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help individuals create a Emotional & Spiritual Growth.

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