Our retreats are week-long intensives designed for deep immersion. While not as long as our teacher trainings, each retreat offers a concentrated dive into specific facets of Yoga and Tantra. It’s an opportunity to pause, reflect, and refine your practice amidst like-minded souls. Whether you’re seeking advancement in technique or simply a sanctuary for inner exploration, our retreats provide the perfect setting to nourish both body and spirit. 


Our Retreats

5-Day Yoga Retreat 

If you’re unsure about your yoga practice, new to it, or desire a deeper understanding beyond online tutorials, our Yoga retreat is perfect for you. Over an enriching 6-day stay in scenic Goa or Bali, enjoy wholesome meals, rejuvenation, and foundational learning. This retreat also serves as an introduction to our Teacher Training Programs, culminating in a 30-hour Pre-Teacher-Training Certificate. 

7-Day Fasting Retreat 

Under expert medical supervision, this 7-day fasting retreat offers a safe and holistic approach to fasting, blending physical rejuvenation with spiritual deepening. Beyond its evident health benefits, the fast becomes a potent tool to intensify your Sadhana, guiding you towards a heightened state of awareness and inner clarity. The group is led by Guru Risi SriVaso himself though a 7-day Vipassana practice. 


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