Yogi Anand Shekhar

[Yogi Anand Shekhar]

Anand is one of the authentic and inspiring Yoga teachers in Dubai. He is currently designated as Physical culture Trainer at GFX Fitness Studio. Anand is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. He is also a Meditation facilitator and an impactful life-coach.

Anand is driven with the soul-intention of bringing the shift in human-consciousness. He feels that the time has come when the awakening of the man is more important than advancement of technology.

Anand has been a student of Yoga and Spirituality since he is aware of his presence. He has been teaching Yoga and Holistic Lifestyle for 8 years. He has helped people in many cities in India like; Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Patna, Dharamshala and for last four years he is helping people in Dubai.

Anand’s work-detail and expertise.

  1. Hatha Yoga- Ashtanga Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga.
  2. Meditation- Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Active Meditation.
  3. Anand teaches many cleansing techniques and different breathing techniques (Pranayama) for purification and dissolution of psychosomatic disorders.
  4. Anand has resently started delivering talks on his idea which he named The Power Of Three. The objective of these talks are to spread awareness about global issues, our responsibilities and tools that can be helpful in bringing change.


Anand’s brief work experience.

  1. Anand has started his Yoga Teacher’s journey from Mumbai in 2011.
  2. He joined Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga in June,2012 and served there for about six months.
  3. From October,2012 to October,2015 he worked as a self-employed Yoga coach in Mumbai.
  4. Anand came to Dubai in November,2015 when he joined Dhyana Yoga Studio and served as a resident teacher for two years.
  5. Anand is now working as a Physical Culture Trainer & Yoga-expert in GFX Fitness Studio.
  6. He has lead a Yoga Teacher’s Training Program for Yoga Ashram Studio in Feb-March,2019.
  7. He has also been a corporate Yoga teacher for Larson & Toubro Infotech, Mumbai.