OSHO Meditation Camps

Osho meditation camps provide immersive experiences designed to delve into the teachings of Osho. Through a blend of dynamic meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, and meditative therapy sessions, participants can explore inner awareness and in a setting of celebration, joy, love and laughter. 

“My meditation is simple. It does not require any complex practices. It is simple. It is singing. It is dancing. It is sitting silently. “ – OSHO   

About the Camp

Immerse yourself in our Osho Meditation camps, immersive residential programs set within peaceful environments, designed for participants to delve into an array of meditation techniques. 

These retreats, hosted at our locations in Goa or Bali for varying durations, offer a daily rhythm of meditation, yoga, and other activities that foster relaxation, self-renewal, and inner inquiry. 

Open to people from diverse backgrounds and age groups, these retreats don’t demand prior meditation experience, making them a valuable opportunity to discover, learn, and seamlessly integrate Osho’s meditation practices into your everyday routine.

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What Will You Get From These Meditation Immersions:

  • Learn to Live a life of Zorba the Buddha Indulging in outer pleasures while maintaining awareness of the inner Buddha.
  • Transform your seriousness into a sincere search of inner bliss and silence. 
  • Learn the art of emotional management and catharsis through various Osho meditative therapies. 
  • Active and silent meditations to include in your daily life. 
  • Learn the art of talking to body mind and the beauty of letting go. 
  • Learn from the highly experienced Osho facilitators who have lived in the physical presence of Osho. 
  • Listen to Osho talks through daily evening meetings. 
  • Celebrate your existence by dancing, singing, creativity and awareness amongst other Osho sannyasins. 
  • Connect to Osho’s vibrant community. 


Osho Meditation Camps spanning over three days offer a condensed yet impactful immersion into Osho’s teachings and meditation practices. These transformative retreats, typically hosted in serene settings, provide participants with an opportunity to explore diverse meditation techniques, engage in self-discovery sessions, and delve into Osho’s profound insights on life, love, and consciousness. With a focused schedule that encompasses meditation, dynamic activities, and reflective discussions, participants can experience personal growth, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with themselves and others. They are an ideal gateway to discover the transformative power of meditation and gain a glimpse into the realm of inner exploration.

Tentative Daily Schedule:

6.00 am OSHO Dynamic Meditation

7:30 am  Silent Sitting /Yoga class. (Optional) 

9.00 am Breakfast 

12.00 noon OSHO Meditation

1.00 pm Lunch 

2:45 pm OSHO Meditation 

4:15 pm OSHO Kundalini Meditation 

6:40 pm OSHO Evening Meeting 

8:30 pm Dinner 

9:00 pm Evening Celebration 



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