About MYT Yoga

MYT Yoga is a leading yoga teacher training school in India. We offer wide range of quality yoga teacher training courses at our Goa yoga center.
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Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga School in India

MYT Yoga Ashram is a community of Yoga Teachers, Meditation Practitioners, and Yoga Students who wish to explore the whole realm of yoga. They are interested in well-being and self-knowledge through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Vegan or Plant-based Diet combined with a life-style based on compassion, mindfulness and conscious-community-living.

MYT Yoga stands for three tools of Yoga:

  1. M – Mantra: Music with Meditation.
  2. Y – Yantra: Symbols for Meditation.
  3. T – Tantra: Techniques of Meditation.

Mantra: The word Mantra is a Sanskrit word, which stands for a tool to master your mind. According to famous yoga text Bhagavat Gita: ‘If you are the master of your mind then it is your best friend but if your mind becomes your master and drags you here and there then it can prove to be your worst enemy.’ Hence, Yogis developed non-analytic tools to tame the mind in a systematic way. They created sound vibration, alpha-numeric symbols, a certain sequence of music and chanting which takes your mind into a positive, creative and transcendental space. According to Yoga philosophy it is easier to transcend the mind if it is in a calm, serene, positive and creative space than if it is stuck in any kind of negative attitude.

In simple words, Mantras in yogic traditions are set of sound vibrations with a touch of meditative classical Indian music, practiced as chanting ceremonies together in a group. Yogis have established that your mind is a bundle of your past memories put together by thought and any kind of conflict with your thoughts, emotions and feelings will lead you into a distorted state of mind. Therefore, it is suggested by yoga texts that one must avoid all kinds of confrontation such as analysis, explanation and rationalization when dealing with mind, rather try to bypass the whole bundle of memories and study it from a distance. Hence, Mantras are immensely powerful tools of bypassing the mind and healing it by not constantly provoking and stimulating the negative and destructive thoughts, rather observing it in a meditative and musical environment.

Yantra: The Sanskrit word Yantra has two meaning. The first one is mechanical and the second meaning is a symbol. These symbols have been created by yogis to deal with our mechanical, repetitive and obsessive habits of mind. There is a saying in Yogic tradition that one thorn has to be taken out by another thorn and both thorns must be thrown away once the work is done. Yogis created some symbolic and pictorial tools which are mechanical, mathematical and geometrical in nature and have been tested and tried on a great number of population with confirmed positive results in curing the obsessive, compulsive and unconscious disorders of mind.

During the practice of Yogic meditations which are termed as internal practices by sage Patanjali, all kinds of suppressed storms of emotions and visions come out with great intensity. Yantras are designed to keep the practitioner of Yoga grounded and firm during that period of their practice.

Tantra: The word Tantra means techniques and Yogic technologies to deal with psychosomatic issues, to remove all the barriers and cultivate the quality of mindfulness in all activities of daily living.

All the asana or physical practices fall in the category of Tantra Yoga tradition. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga with all kinds props such as Aerial Yoga, Yin-Yang Yoga, Hot Yoga, Partner Yoga and so on.