5 tips to practice safe regular yoga at home

The pandemic has caused enormous changes in the way we do our activities of daily living. Either we have risen higher in our heath conditions or gone below to a matter of fact deteriorated our body and its physiology. This imbalance in the body due to our jumping and over-secreted hormones have not only impacted our physical body and its fitness but also declined mental health significantly.

In a worldwide study conducted by SAP and Qualtrics, over 40% of people have said their mental health to decline due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This global rise in anxiety and stress needs to stop. Well, what’s better than Yoga and meditation in helping to combat that?

Yoga and mindfulness as we all know is for deep relaxation and a practice to rejuvenate our minds from all its pessimistic attributes. However, in times of the pandemic it might not be a good idea to join a yoga school or studio to practice. Yoga at home can be really effective if you have the right guidance. So let’s look at five tips to practice yoga at home:

  1. Have a space for yourself-One of the foremost tip for practising yoga at home having a space for yourself. Trying to make your own buddha space would having soothing effects on the body and mind and you can practise yoga easily with comfort. Try to make your space beautiful by lighting up an incense, have tender plants and mild lights to alleviate your vibe. Disturbance is one of the major cause of ill-health. So when you practice yoga try not to be distracted by your home surrounding.
  2. Choose your time- Choose a time which is suitable for you and your working conditions. Everyone cannot be a morning person, yoga can be practised even before going to sleep. You need to find out what time suits you and your schedule and be consistent in your practice.
  3. Practice according your physical condition-Yoga has various styles of traditional asana practises. From high intensity ashtanga practice, moderate intensive hatha vinyasa yoga practices to low intensive restorative or yin practice yoga has it all. One needs to choose the style according to their body structure, function and fitness level. Everyday our body condition is not the same. Hence, the practitioner needs to practice yoga rendering to their physical and mental state every day.
  4. Include Pranayama- A yoga session is incomplete without pranayama. Pranayama is one of the great tools to tranquil and de-stress our minds. Through breath awareness our emotions can become manageable and observed. The active ones like Kapalbhati and Bhastrika can be done before the asana practice. Whereas, the passive ones such as Anulom Vilom, Bhramari, Sheetkari etc are sure ways to calm the mind and help in detoxifying the body at the end of the practice.
  5. Use yoga props to help- Lastly no yoga practise can help you if you don’t practice with intelligence. If you are a beginner the use of yoga props is a must for you all. Through the use of yoga accessories one can practice safe alignment based yoga and prevent themselves from getting caught with any injury or re-injury.

By looking at a few tips to practice safe yoga at home one can have great benefits on the physical and mental bodies. Our online 5-day yoga workshop or online yoga teacher training courseapt for you to get started with practising safe yoga. Our team of experienced teachers will guide you throughout the courses and curate the right nutrition plan according to your body and mental conditions.

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