4 Qualities of a Yogi

People who practice yoga are called yogi’s and yogini’s. During the journey of inner world of yoga and meditation there are a lot of flowers and rocks which a sadhaka stumbles upon. There may be phases of joy, bliss and happiness or phases of deep insecurity, envy towards others, feeling of hopelessness, mis management of emotions and so on. It is important to remain positive, patient and sincere throughout the journey. A practitioner in the spiritual journey should not hold any expectations towards self and others because they may turn into frustrations if not accomplished.

In every step taken a yogi needs to be mindful not only to his/her actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions but also remain sensitive to other members of the community and not get influenced by it. To remain centred is the key of all yoga techniques and practice. So how can we develop these attributes?

Well!Let’s see the four qualities a sadhaka must blossom in the path of yoga and meditation.

  1. Karuna- Compassion.

Karuna means compassion. A sadhaka requires to develop a feeling of love and compassion towards all. The practice ofAhimsa -Non-violence is emphasized upon.The feeling of karuna shouldnot only be towards oneself but also towards other human beings, animals, plants and non-living entities which are essential needs for daily living. Having a nature of self-destruction or derogatory feelings towards others is not acceptable in yogic philosophy.

  1. Maitire- Friendliness

A feeling of togetherness and friendliness is a beautiful quality of a yogi. Every sadhaka should cultivate the feeling of brotherhood and treat every individual equally. Having love and being happy in others happiness is Maitire. Pulling each other’s legs out of negativity, envy, jealousy or competition is will surly drown oneself and keep them off track in the journey of inner world.

  1. Mudita- cheerfulness

Having a constant attitude of gratitude and optimism makes the path very easy, comfortable and pleasant for a yogi. Anything done with high intensity and seriousness is short lived and leads to sickness. Being sincere, playful and bubbling with life energy will calm one’s mind and ease all the bumps with come along the way. The path of yoga and meditation is of celebration and entertainment. One should not become too serious otherwise you will miss the point! Be relaxed, easy going, light weighed and open and then see how the mystery touches you in different ways.

  1. Upeksha- Ignorance

Last but not the least having a quality of Upeksha. The quality to ignore your mind and other people’s mind. Ignorance doesn’t mean a laid back attitude or feeling of laziness but ignorance towards your own mind’s negativity and unconscious feelings and others people’s emotions and reactions. Being an active and total participant in life activities while remaining centred, conscious, aware and mindful is the practice of yoga and meditation.

Once you start cultivating these four qualities you will see that your life is so much more simpler. Remember, the grave you dig for others through your negativity, hatred, anger, jealousy will not be for others but it will be turn out to be your own grave. Hence, remain optimistic try to have these four qualities in your life to make your aura more pure, beautiful and radiant. This way you can transform your life and others lives who come in contact with you and your energy. Remember, that which is subtle is more powerful!

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