10 magical effects of pranayama on immune system

The year of 2019-2020 I must say has been one of the darkest and the most shocking year of the cosmos. From the horrific bushfires in Australia to the rise of the novel corona virus pandemic in China this year marks the deadliest times in ourcalendrers.

But do you see one common eastern yogic technique which when practised helped our body and mind to develop immunity and serenity in these existential times of darkness? Yes! I am talking about the practice of Pranayama- breath awareness techniques.

The word pranayama is divided in two words- ‘Prana’; life energy and ‘Ayama’; expansion or extension. Therefore, pranayama means the practice through which one can expand one’s life energy and longevity through the regulation and manipulation of breath.

Effects of pranayama:

  1. Strengthens the respiratory system by burning out all the toxins from the lungs thereby making the breathing process rhythmic, slow and deep. This slow breathing rate and increased oxygen supply increases longevity and brings clam content states to our mind.
  2. 75% of our diseases are psychosomatic. The practice of pranayama works destressing the mind and increases the strength in our metabolic system.
  3. Helps in regeneration of our auto immune cells which fights with infections and diseases.
  4. Lowers blood pressures and makes our cardiac muscles strong thereby initiating increase supply of oxygenated blood in our body.
  5. Recharges our pranic energy which has been drained due to stress, anxiety, worries and tensions and elevates the mood.
  6. Improves cognitive function and the cardician rhythms of the brain by elevating better sleep patterns.
  7. Brings hormonal balance in the body and eliminates all hormonal and lifestyle related diseases like PCOD’s, PCOS’s, obesity and even certain cancers like breast cancer.
  8. Has anti-ageing benefits and brings shining radiant skin.
  9. Balances the prana pathways of the two nadi’s— Ida; passive, moon energy and Pingala; active, sun energy. When there is a balance between the two nostrils, the pranic or kundalini energy rises from the base of the spine through the Sushumna Nadi.
  10. The breath forms a bridge between the conscious and unconscious states of our mind.Releasing the stored supressed emotions and feelings and deconditioning the mind prepares one to dive deeper into the field of meditation and self-awareness.

Through various yoga workshops and yoga retreats one can learn the different techniques of pranayama. By learning the various benefits, contraindications and the right methods of practising of different breath awareness techniques we can improve our overall health and well-being.

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